Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Filipino Superstitions

-All windows and doors should be wide open for the laboring mother’s easy delivery.
-Pregnant women should avoid witnessing an eclipse, so that when born their babies would not have the habit of winking the eyes abnormally.
-A visitor must not sit or stand on the ladder or at the door, but come inside so that delivery will not be hard.
-The mother should not eat shellfish. These are slippery and if they are taken from the brook, the baby may be expelled from the womb.
-An expectant mother should not eat fish from pointed shells lest the baby have too much mucus or drool too much.
-A pregnant woman is not allowed to cut her hair, she will give birth to a bald baby.
-Pregnant women should not cry because they will suffer a difficult birth, and the baby will become sensitive and a crybaby.

General Health

-A menstruating woman should not eat sweets lest blood flow stop and cause illness or death.
-Let a dog lick your wounds, and the wounds will be healed.
-Sleeping with wet hair makes one crazy.
-Taking a bath at night will cause anemia or low blood pressure.
-Taking a bath on New Year’s Day and/or Good Friday will cause one to get sick.
-Parents who despise ugly children will bear an ugly child.
-Parents who despise or laugh at twins will have twins.

-Brides shouldn’t try on their wedding dress before the wedding day or the wedding will not push through.
-Giving an arinola (chamberpot) as wedding gift is believed to bring good luck to newlyweds.
-Rains during the wedding means prosperity and happiness for the newlyweds.
-Throwing rice confetti at the newlyweds will bring them prosperity all their life.
-Upon entering their new home, the couple should go up the stairs alongside each other so that neither one will dominate the other.


-A lingering black butterfly is a sign that one of your relatives just died.
-If a person dreams of having his teeth pulled out, this mean that family member will die.
-Sometimes the soul temporarily leaves the body while in a deep sleep. Rousing a person at this time might kill him.
-Do not sweep the house until after the burial.
-Always carry the coffin out of the house, church or funeral parlor head first. This prevents the soul of the dead from coming back.
-After the funeral service, do not go home directly so that the spirit of the dead person will not follow you to your house.

Body Marks and Shapes

-A person with a mole on his foot is a born adventurer.
-A person with a mole on his face will be successful in business.
-A person with a mole on the center of her nose will be rich but unhappy.
-A person with a mole close to his eye is attractive to the opposite sex.
-A mole on the hand signifies wealth or thievery.
-A mole on one’s back is a sign of laziness.
-A person with big ears will have a long life.
-Women with wide hips will bear many children.
-People with naturally curly hair are moody or ill-tempered.
-People with eyebrows that almost meet easily get jealous.
-Men with hairy chests are playboys.
-A person with lines running from the palm of his hand to his fingers is successful in business.
People whose teeth are spaced far apart are liars.


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  1. Can I start my list to debunk all these superstitions. When I started reading I was thinking holy c#@&! Once I finished it was Woooosah...Woooosah!

  2. these are obviously not true but entertaining... i think no one would really follow these but it's stuff that old people say all the time.

  3. we had a different tradition. we'd all make sure everyone's bathed and clean in new year's so we'll all smell good all year. of course that's not true but we do it anyway. and no one got sick! so the superstition is not true!

  4. wow! i didn't know there's a saying that you can't cut your hair while you're still pregnant :)

    that's nice to know! thanks for sharing <3